Ranch Rewards Bully Sticks Dog Treats - Bundle Pack

Ranch Rewards


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Size: 5" Length - 6 Pack

Give your dog the meaty treat he or she deserves with our Ranch Rewards Bully Sticks!

  • Bundle Packs
  • Natural protein source
  • Limited ingredient limits allergen exposure
  • Long-lasting chew satisfaction
  • Promotes oral health

Why We Love It:

Our Ranch Rewards Bully Sticks are extra thick and meaty to give dogs a long-lasting, satisfying chew. This healthy treat is made of all-natural beef baked with a delicious smoked flavor that dogs love.

Since these are made exclusively from beef, they are an excellent choice for dogs requiring limited-ingredient diets or for those with allergies to poultry.

Your dog's ancestors were accustomed to eating all parts of their prey and chewing for long periods of time. This not only kept their teeth clean, it also provided exercise. Modern dogs can benefit from this same activity for oral and mental health. 

This long-lasting 100% natural chew is great for anxious or busy dogs that need an appropriate outlet for nervous energy. 

Treats are individually shrink-wrapped to ensure freshness. Treats may naturally vary in size and appearance. 100% bull pizzle.

Guaranteed Analysis:Crude Protein: 80% MinCrude Fat: 1% MinCrude Fiber: 1% MaxMoisture: 15% Max