Ranch Rewards DoubleHides Beefhide Dog Bone, 10"

Ranch Rewards


Size: 10" Bone


Get your ultimate snacker a Ranch Rewards® DoubleHides Beefhide Dog Bone!

  • Features a pressed beefhide bone inside a natural beefhide bone, for the ultimate long-lasting chewing experience
  • Bone is ultra-dense, with a solid core
  • Satisfies dogs' natural urge to chew
  • Dogs love the natural flavor

Why We Love It:

Ranch Rewards DoubleHides Beefhide Dog Bone is the longest lasting beefhide chews on the market. With a natural beefhide exterior layer enveloping a tough pressed beefhide interior, Ranch Rewards® DoubleHides Beefhide Bones feature two treats in one for a durable, long-lasting chew. Made of 100% beefhide.Precautions: Do not allow your dog to chew torn pieces of beefhide. Such pieces may be considered a chocking hazard. Supervision of your pet is advised. This product may stain certain fabrics or surfaces. Not intended for human consumption.