HuggleHounds Plush Corduroy Durable Knotties Fox Dog Toy, Small




Knotties are oh-so-cute corduroy plush animals, with knotted limbs for gnawing and made with the exclusive Tuffut Technology, known for its durable, unique three layer construction and identified by its signature Firefly Green color. It results in the strongest, cutest and most ridiculously soft dog toy made! Knotties are made from super-soft, durable corduroy plush. This fabric is soft enough to cuddle, yet strong enough for chewing. Each arm and foot features a great knot to gnaw on and a squeaker to capture your pet’s attention. Groundbreaking Tuffut Technology® makes them the strongest and most durable plush dog toys produced. The top layer of the toys are designed for maximum appeal, with fresh colors and interesting textures and fun, original designs. Cushioning protection makes the toys easy to wash, and quick drying. They are also made with safety in mind. Toys have details embroidered on so that they’re not easily removed, and each toy is inspected before shipping to ensure the highest standards have been met.

We love happy dogs!

  • Squeaks for extra fun!
  • Available in 3 sizes.  Wee (itty bitty)-7", Small-8" and Large-15"